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Charles Deaton was an influential western American architect best known for his Sculptured House (better known as the Sleeper House ) in the hills around Denver . Contact Customer Relations or call us at 772-210-6124. The Sculptured House was Deaton’s only residential project, which he planned to live in with his family (who had their own nickname for the home: the “apple turnover”). Sculpture House wants to help Instructors offering sculpting classes virtually throughout the upcoming school year. The modern building, whose official name is The Sculptured House, was built in … Sculptured House: The Sculptured House, also known as the Sleeper House, is a distinct, orb-shaped house built on Genesee Mountain in 1963 by architect Charles Deaton. Motoring down the scenic drive west on Highway 70, away from Denver, Colorado, into the foothills and sprawling mountains, an odd structure appears south of the freeway. And it is a special treat that his trees are displayed at The Sleeper House. During the midcentury, some architects turned to curvaceous forms for both public structures, like Eero Saarinen’s TWA Terminal (1962) at JFK in New York, and residential ones, like Charles Deaton’s Sculptured House (1965) in Golden, Colorado, shown here. The unique, elliptical property was featured in Woody Allen’s 1973 sci-fi comedy Sleeper. Sculptured House - As seen in "Sleeper" This is one of Colorado's most famous houses, perched on the mountainside overlooking Interstate 70 near the Genesee exit, looking like a flying saucer about to take off. “Every time we approached Genesee, we would look for what we called the Spaceship House. Following a foreclosure, the Sculptured House was once again sold in 2010 for $1.5 million. This is the Spaceship House -- also known as Sleeper House or Sculptured House -- just outside Denver on Genesee Mountain. This distinctive curved house was built on Genesee Mountain, Colorado, by architect Charles Deaton in 1963. Current owners are said to be renovating the home with energy efficiency in mind with intentions to resell. The Sculptured House. Your students will receive a discount of 20% off selected tools and materials for your classes. CBS4 Sponsored Events. CBSN DenverWatch Now. Construction on it began in 1963 and was at last finished in 2000. News Team. An oval shape seems to float just above the trees … Inspired by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Philip Johnson designed the Glass House (1949) in New Canaan, Connecticut, to be completely open to welcome nature in. “When I was a kid, our family would drive up 1-70 on our way to go skiing,” says Bliss. As one of the most recognizable Colorado homes, the Sculptured House is one Centennial State structure with a storied past. It’s a mysterious, iconic house to anyone who grew up in Colorado.

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