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Unplug the blower motor wiring connector. Anyone know the best trouble shooting method or order I should go in to find the problem before I take apart the whole heater housing to get to the blower motor and replace it. Mopar 5014212AA Jeep Heater/AC Blower Motor Resistor An Significant Warning to All Feminine Motor Motor vehicle Drivers Girls alone in their motor autos want to be quite aware of this rising threat. The blower motor resistor is an electrical component that is a part of the vehicle's heating and air conditioning system. Where should I look next? as a blower motor ages and wears, it can draw more current—more current than the blower motor resistor was designed to handle. it is an inexpensive part and easy to replace. Thanks to comments from Slav below, this is due to the full fan setting bypassing the resistor. Your Heater Blower Resistor may have a dead spot that does not allow the current to flow properly. Duralast Blower Motor Resistor CR158 $ 34. The heat and air condition fan is controlled by a separate module, called the blower motor resistor. How to Troubleshoot a Blower Motor Resistor. Continue checking each resistor in the resistor box. 1-4 of 4 Results. Slide the red plastic clip back, and remove the connector. How to Replace Blower Motor Resistor 08-12 Jeep Liberty. I used a fused jumper wire (red arrow) and connected terminals 2 and 4. I have no blower motor at all when all wires are connected. She took it in to Chrysler for diagnostics and they found the blower motor resistor was bad and replaced it. The blower motor resistor cannot be repaired and, if faulty or damaged, it must be replaced . Unplug the blower motor and test for power using the 12-volt test light in the same manner as explained in Step 1. Carefully remove the resistor. The new blower motor resistor part matched the one I took off - they both looked like the one pictured here: This can be a bad blower motor resistor or a failed speed switch. 5. Remove the blower motor and wheel from the heater-A/C housing. Unplug the front blower motor resistor from the wire harness connector. Found the same conflict blower motor resistor vs. blower motor controller for AZC system. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35.00+. Use a test lamp or a multimeter on the blower motor connector. Filter. I'd hate to replace the blower motor only to find out it's the switch or something else. Checked all fuses first-none blown. The resistor of the blower motor is responsible for transferring the electrical current that's required to move air through the vents of vehicle. Check here for special coupons and promotions. Quick video on how to fix blower resistor on Jeep tj when fan only works on high. Reconnect the negative cable to the battery. 6. on high it bypasses the resistor for maximum speed. that sounds like the blower motor resistor. Open the glove box door to gain access to the blower motor resistor block. 10% OFF $75. So I replaced the resistor in my 06 Commander (not thinking that may not be the issue) and pulled and tested the motor (jumper wires directly to battery and it springs right to life). Here is the resistor out of our Jeep. The problem is with the blower motor, and it needs to be replaced. 1-2 of 2 Results. Remove the blower motor wheel retainer clip and remove the wheel from the blower motor shaft; INSTALLATION. This will supply control voltage to the resistor, which in turn will run the blower. This bad boy is a breeze to test since it's located under the dash and not that hard to access (unlike the 2000 and earlier Dakota and Durangos which have it … I never had a problem with my 97 or 04 either but the 97 was only 7 years old when we parted ways and the 04 was only 5 when I had to adopt her out. 1-2 of 2 Results. If there is a battery voltage, the problem would be the blower motor. Are you only able to get full blast or a slight breeze? The fuse under the hood is good (continuity test with fluke). 2011 Jeep Wrangler Blower Motor Resistor. There is one final quick test for the resistor and the motor. Refer to the wiring diagram for your vehicle and check for continuity on all three resistors and speed switch setttings. Reattach the harness on the box, then secure the box on the motor with the screws. If any of them are bad, you should replace the entire box with a new unit. The resistor generally fails because of foreign objects jamming the blower motor fan blade, which causes the resistor to overheat. 2011 Jeep Wrangler Blower Motor Resistor. Pull out the lock on the blower motor resistor wire harness connector to unlock the connector latch. 4. Has your Jeep lost some of its climate fan speeds? This tests the function of the blower resistor and motor. FILTER RESULTS. Please keep … Use Code: DIYSAVE10 Online Ship-to-Home Orders Only. Filter. Over time, settings 1-3 will stop working and only 4 will work. So if you didn't have power there, or you didn't have ground there, the next step, we're gonna test the resistor. LOCATION. Reinstall the lid on resistor box. 4Seasons/Everco (1) Dorman (1) Duralast (1) Santech (1) This is a test. The blower motor switch directs the ground path through the correct resistor circuit to obtain the selected speed. This tutorial will help you test the 2001-2004 Dodge Dakota and Durango blower motor resistor in a step-by-step way. Blower motor resistor has repeat failures. The fuse is fine. Blower motor resistors can wear out; the blower motor no longer works correctly if this occurs. but on low or medium speeds, the resistor slows down the blower motor. Created on: 2019-12-23. While driving down today in Anchorage Alaska, my blower quit, stopped will not blow heat or AC :wtf2: So I have been reading up on what could be the problem, either the blower motor is bad or the resistor. What makes this reduction in current (and speed possible) is the three resistor coils that make up the blower resistor … When the blower motor switch is in the highest speed position, the blower motor resistor is bypassed and the blower motor receives a direct path to ground. Where are they located, I looked behind the glove box and not sure what to take apart or even how to test … A Jeep Grand Cherokee Blower Motor Resistor Replacement costs between $140 and $156 on average. From the passenger foot well area, remove the two hex screws used to secure the blower motor resistor. The resistor is what controls the blower motor speed by restricting electricity through either the ground or the positive side of the circuit. Order Blower Motor Resistor for your 2004 Jeep Liberty and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. The blower motor resistor cannot be repaired and, if faulty or damaged, it must be replaced. If you’ve replaced a blower motor resistor and that replacement has failed, it’s time to conduct an amperage test on the blower motor. BRAND. Heater blower motor resistors are generally installed as a part of the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system to keep the air that flows through the HVAC system cooling down the resistor. So I finally got around to resurrecting the blower motor resistor by replacing the burnt out bits with $7.35 of parts from the local electrical store. Remove the three blower motor and wheel assembly mounting screws. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area. With the kick panel out of the way, the resistor is easily accessible. Repair of the motor vehicle's heating and air conditioning system would not be as complicated as it is with the use of 4-Seasons OE Replacement Blower Motor Resistor. it should be located on the black box under the dash on the passenger side. The nature of this component’s job causes it to heat up frequently, which can lead to failure. Make sure your getting 12v(battery voltage) from the blower motor connector while the setting is at the highest. Don't simply wait around for your vehicle to suffer from performance decrease and risk unanticipated break down. There are several symptoms that appear when the resistor of the blower motor is going bad. 2001 Jeep Wrangler Blower Motor Resistor. Blower Motor Resistor Block. Moreover, how do you troubleshoot a blower motor resistor? If your vents will only blow one speed, this is likely the cause. 99. For example. Blower Motor Resistor (1) Blower Motor Resistor Connector (1) This is a test. 3. The part I ordered was called a Blower Motor Resistor Module and Wiring Pigtail Repair Kit PART # 5102406AA, 5012699AA. With an 8mm again, remove the two screws holding the resistor. 2001 Jeep Wrangler Blower Motor Resistor. I used 3 x 20cm lengths of heavy gage wire from a spare loom I had available, 6mm dual wall heat shrink ($5.00) and a packet of 2.5mm female spade connectors ($2.35). The less current the blower motor uses, the slower it runs. If not OK, replace the faulty blower motor resistor block. I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty and the blower motor fan for the heat and air conditioning over time has gotten weaker and weaker to the point of setting number one not even working anymore. Test the blower to see if it works properly. when the resistor goes out, the blower motor will only work on high. Locate the fuse for the blower motor in the owners/service manual. The blower motor should run on high. If you find that the fan in your car only works on high, you might well have a broken one. Here is the information on replacing the resistor: REMOVAL Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable. The blower motor resistor assembly, on your 3.9L Dodge Dakota, is tasked with reducing the current that the blower motor uses. Use Code: DIYSAVE10 Online Ship-to-Home Orders Only. Large Image | Extra-Large Image 1-4 of 4 Results. Depress the latch on the blower motor resistor wire harness connector and disconnect the wire harness connector from the resistor block. 10% OFF $75. FILTER RESULTS. Part # CR158. The blower resistor is one of the many obscure parts in your car. I took apart the dash and got to the heater control in the dash. Thugs and burglars and occasional opportunists are turning into bolder and bolder as their desperation concentrations increase. In this video you'll learn how to find, test, and if need be replace the blower resistor in a 2002 Dodge van. The blower motor relay is the electrical switch that is used to supply the power for the vehicle’s blower motor. Duralast Blower Motor Resistor JA1722 $ 74. It is responsible for controlling the blower motor’s fan speed. The resistor is a credit card resistor that utilizes resistor circuit tracers to reduce current flow to the blower.

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