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... Warhammer 40k Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It remains the firm seat of the Realm of Ultramar, ruled by the Ultramarines Chapter Master who serves as the world's Planetary Governor under the title of Lord Macragge and the Lord of Ultramar. They bore a close resemblance to Victorian-era British colonial soldiers who fought in the Zulu Wars of the 1870's. Despite being hostile to human life, Kalidar IV, better known simply as Kalidar, is the only inhabited world of the Kalidar System. It has decent mineral output and considerable exports of meat and fish, but it fights to survive. One of the smallest of four planets in a dual-star system, it is the only one capable of handling life forms. This was intended to protest the Imperium's failure to provide him and his Astartes allies with sufficient resources to police the Maelstrom. Worn down and scattered, the Mantis Warriors ceased to exist as an effective fighting force, though the Carcharodons' victory came at a great price. Davin is one of two habitable worlds in its star system, the other is its moon. Ultimately the existence of psykers in the Imperium was allowed but tightly restricted under centralised Imperial control, while the potent and unrestricted use of psychic abilities that was defined as sorcery was officially banned. Cypra Mundi is an Imperial Forge World and Naval Base of Segmentum Obscurus, the sector including the Eye of Terror. Some worlds are quarantined because no one can fathom the origins of what has been found there, be it mysterious artefacts or ancient alien cities - it is thought better to live in ignorance of what lies on such worlds … Located in the Spartus Sector of the Segmentum Tempestus. These reavers of Drazak seek not riches nor conventional plunder, only tithes of gore and congealing blood. Masuchi Parr is an Imperial Cemetery World that has been infested by the Genestealer Cult known as the Blessed Wormlings. However, Temperance is more than just a potential resource, with cults and recidivists lurking beneath its surface, archaeotech bandits out in the wastes, and a dark history that stretches back long before its founding. Though the Secessionists counter-attacked with martial fury they could not stem the Loyalists' advance and one by one, the Secessionist bastions fell and victory was claimed in the Emperor's name. This category covers all articles relating to the myriad of worlds that exist within the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. This assault has been used by many Imperial savants as a classic example of how a Dark Eldar raid unfolds on Imperial territory in their never-ending search for more souls to assuage the pull of Slaanesh upon their shrunken souls.The planet was not known to maintain any Astra Militarum or other Imperial forces, and was defended solely by the Greyshroud Planetary Defence Forces and a visiting Imperial Navy warship of unknown class, the Hammer of Pride, at the time of the raid. At that time, there were as yet no Forge Worlds of the magnitude of ancient Accatran, with only Anuaris, still tied both in tribute and loyalty to distant Accatran as much as Macragge, and the reclusive Magi of the iron-bound moon of Gantz ranked as true Forge Worlds within the boundaries of Guilliman's fiefdom. Though logged, the system's resources have never been properly exploited, its location some distance from the nearest Forge World, making it a perilous undertaking and the war making it all but impossible. In particular, Mezoa is responsible for the supply of macro-ordnance shells to the mustering point and headquarters of the Imperial Navy at Port Maw, located in the neighboring sub-sector. This task was assigned to the ruthless and taciturn Sons of Medusa Chapter. An alliance of Eldar forces from the Craftworlds ofMymeara and Alaitoc, as well as Eldar Corsairs from the Void Dragons, Sky Raiders, and Sunblitz Brotherhood, descended on the frigid world to recover their beloved Phoenix Lord's armour before it was discovered and defiled by the human miners present on Betalis III. In fact, this Mining World is arguably the Severan Dominate's most valuable asset. Donatos Primus came under assault by the forces of Chaos during the Donatos War, a bloody campaign of reconquest launched by the Imperium to prevent its fall to the servants of the Ruinous Powers. As a result, a disproportionate number of Water Caste merchants dominate its culture. The oceans have turned blood-red as butchered corpses bob and float upon the surging tide and daemon-forged Heldrakes whirl and screech in the skies overhead. This is one of three massive forge complexes located on the Chaos-controlled world known as The Hollows, one of the many strange worlds located amongst the so-called Gloaming Worlds on the outer ring of the Warp rift known as the Screaming Vortex. It is regularly bombarded by asteroids and its climate is far colder than that of most habitable worlds. The planet has two main continental landmasses. Indeed had a defence of Prospero been attempted, more time might have been bought to evacuate the great libraries of their work. The daemon hints that the Void Dragon is at Vaul's Moon. While on campaign during the Great Crusade, the Iron Warriors were informed by Warmaster Horus of the massive insurrection that had broken out on their homeworld. Eventually, Voss was cleansed of the Dark Mechanicum's presence and it was brought back into the light of the Emperor's grace. Iax, known as the "Garden of Ultramar," is an Imperial Agri-world and a part of the Realm of Ultramar that is ruled by the Ultramarines Space Marine Chapter and lies in the Ultima Segmentum. The Planet of the Sorcerers is a daemon world located deep in the Eye of Terror. This request was denied and met instead with increased quota demands. Their retainers dare not speak such truths to them, as the majority care little for such things and are concerned only that their existence should continue uninterrupted. and saved the world -- and themselves -- from annihilation. A site of pilgrimage for the faithful across the Calixis Sector of the Segmentum Obscurus, this Shrine World has a significant military tradition all its own. It is for this reason alone that the Imperial Governor of the Aurelia Sub-sector treats the other planets under his rule as nothing more than a source of unending resources for Meridian's industrial complex. Ghostfire pollen can be refined into the combat drugs used extensively in the Penal Legions of the Astra Militarum. Varsavia's barbaric human tribes form the primary source of Aspirants for the Silver Skulls. Rather, Thrax's society has continued its lurching climb towards civilisation, the war on the Spinward Front setting it back millennia in one fell swoop. The volume of space claimed in the name of the Emperor of Mankind contains hundreds of millions of stars, many host to their own planetary systems, and yet there are only an estimated million or so planetary governors occupying the thrones of the Imperium's worlds. Following its scouring by the World Eaters Traitor Legion during the Horus Heresy, it is now a Dead World, wiped clean of all life. The Legion made Baal Secundus its home and base of operations as it has been ever since. From Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum. It is also the home of the Legio Tempestus Titan Legion. No full list could ever be compiled because the Imperium of Man consists of over one million inhabited worlds, with many other habitable planets also populated by various intelligent xenos species like the Aeldari , T'au and the Orks . Aurum, also known as the "Golden Planet", is a Feral World within the Orpheus Salient of the Jericho Reach. However, the Blood Angels in this assault force had been manipulated by the corrupt Inquisitor Ramius Stele to believe that their fellow Battle-Brother Arkio was a reincarnation of the Blood Angels' Primarch of Sanguinius in the hopes of turning them to the service of the Dark Gods like himself. Gryphonne IV was the homeworld of the Titan Legion Legio Gryphonicus and some of the fiercest and most skilled Skitarii Legions in the galaxy. T'au, the Tau home planet, was discovered in 789. It was during this reconsecration that Mechanicum Assay Teams from the great Forge World of Metalica would rediscover the Standard Template Construct database for the Crassus Armoured Assault Transport, the Praetor Armoured Assault Launcher and the Dominus Heavy Siege Bombard which are now manufactured on many Imperial Forge Worlds. The Traitor Apothecary Fabius Bile used the world as the home of one of his facilities. The impact of the infant Primarch's gestation capsule upon Nostramo left a massive tunnel boring almost through to the planet’s core. Vanaheim is an Imperial Forge World of the Adeptus Mechanicus that is notable for the production of variant patterns of several common Imperial war machines including the Salamander Command Vehicle, Basilisk, Centaur, Griffon and Medusa. The Elysian System and the surrounding space were notorious havens for human and Eldar pirates, as Elysia lay on a major trade route through its sector and its star system was characterised by numerous asteroid fields and dense gas clouds that served as highly effective camouflage for pirate vessels waiting to raid passing Imperial commerce. They also constructed a battle station — Vigil — which remains in orbit around the planet and serves as the Chapter's fortress-monastery. Located in the Ultima Segmentum, Chemos was the planet where the Emperor's Children's Primarch Fulgrim was discovered by the Emperor during the Great Crusade. Agripinaa is located in the Agripinaa Sector of the Ultima Segmentum near the Eye of Terror and was involved in the fighting of the 13th Black Crusade. Valgûl seemingly remains untouched by the Flayer infection that has consumed his people, but what truly sane creature would willingly live amongst the gibbering Flayed Ones? A siege was enacted by the Imperium by the Imperial Guard Regiments of the Death Korps of Krieg as part of the 88th Siege Army and members of the Dark Angels Chapter of Space Marines. Once the capital of the Helican Sector, in 241.M41 one of the preeminent noble houses on Gudrun -- House Glaw -- was found to be pervaded by a Chaos Cult. The planet is home to the Legio Astraman, a Loyalist Titan Legion. It is a vital industrial centre for the region, producing supplies for many armies. Fedrid is a particular favourite of game hunters and those individuals procuring animals for the Imperial arenas. Paragon's wealth and level of industrialisation is famed throughout the sub-sector and beyond, which explains why most of the Paragonian Regiments raised there are armoured regiments or mechanised infantry. The plague was connected with the enigmatic Black Pyramid, an impenetrable Aeldari structure which was built, unknown to the local human population, to restrain a Greater Daemon of Nurgle called Botchulaz. Tsagualsa, also sometimes referred to as the Carrion World, was a planet located on the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy that the Primarch Konrad Curze of the Night Lords Traitor Legion chose as his base of operations following the destruction of his homeworld Nostramo. Though a disciplined force, the Hyades PDF proved to be no match for Space Marines, much less elements from three Chapters of them. In that same year a Chaos uprising overthrew the ruling Tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus and regiments of the Imperial Guard were sent to liberate the vital manufactorums of the world, which were too valuable to the sector's economic output to be subjected to an orbital bombardment. It is commonly held as the first of the Founding Worlds to have been settled. Ravenblade died shortly after as a result of his injuries, leaving the now one-armed Svelok as the only survivor. The Crimson Fists' fortress-monastery has stood on Rynn's World for over a thousand years. The genesis infestation was initiated by the unearthing of an old voidcraft in which a Purestrain Genestealer had taken refuge, the cult has spread from Newseam to multiple Imperial Frontier Worlds with the aid of an allied Rogue Trader network. Thanks in no small parts to the efforts of the regiment of the Astra Militarum known as the Tanith First-and-Only, the world was eventually liberated by the crusading armies of the Imperium of Man. The Sable Swords filled the void and took up stewardship of Obsidia and the all-but abandoned Fortress-Monastery. Inwit is the Ice World where Rogal Dorn, the Primarch of the Imperial Fists Legion, spent a significant portion of his life before he was rediscovered by his father, the Emperor of Mankind, and joined the forces of the Imperium of Man during the Great Crusade in the late 30th Millennium. Other psykers, if considered powerful enough, are recruited into the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, the department forming the network of interstellar communication for the Imperium. At some point in the Era Indomitus, Kor Phaeron led a Chaos assault upon the Talledus System in the hopes of capturing Benediction and transforming it from a centre of worship for the God-Emperor into a dark Shrine World dedicated to the Dark Gods. Xana II is a Hell-Forge of the Dark Mechanicum that was once a powerful and isolated Forge World of the Adeptus Mechanicus, whose capable forges and facilities were unmatched in its region of the galaxy. Krodha is currently a Dead World which served as the former Chapter homeworld of the now defunct Tiger Claws Space Marine Chapter. Snagrod, including Badlanding, are still lost, remaining in Ork hands to this day. Thus is every Knight World heavy with the weight of the past, regardless of its galactic location or level of technological advancement. This is only a select list of sources. It was originally colonised during an unknown period, most likely before the Age of Strife. This was an impressive feat even for an Astartes, let alone the handful of mortal children who have accomplished it. In the ensuing conflict, the Crimson Fists would suffer the tragic loss of their fortress-monastery, and much of Rynn's World would take many decades to rebuild from the devastating Ork assault. As such, Orks are constantly pouring into the system to join the ongoing battle. Xerxes Quintus is the fifth planet of a harsh white sun. Following after their great patron, these pilgrims form the core of the Maccabian militias, the finest of which are chosen to become Maccabian Janissaries of the Imperial Guard. From this world, the Subjugators defend the eastern marches of the Segmentum, guarding against an enemy invasion towards Terra. This is most likely the result of an Edict of Obliteration that was carried out to remove any trace of the world that spawned the fearful Daemon Primarch Angron. It had been a Forge World for time immemorial, having been settled since the Dark Age of Technology. Total War: Warhammer and its sequel stand among some of the best strategy games of all time. As one of the sector's principal Forge Worlds, the forge-fanes of Antax are packed with archeotech vaults filled with all manner of arcane technology and, of course, thousands of weapons, stockpiles of deadly ordnance and armoured vehicles. It was the focus for Forge World's fourth major work, Imperial Armour Volume 4: The Anphelion Project which described the investigation by an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor of a secret project related to the Tyranids in the year 850.M41. Its fauna largely consists of ocean-dwelling invertebrates. It is likely that Thrax was settled by human colonists long before the Age of the Imperium and never really integrated into the Emperor's domains, even over the course of the ten thousand years since the Great Crusade. the vast majority of its new Initiates have come from the native feral tribes. Located in the Segmentum Tempestus, this barren, airless moon is also the homeworld of the Raven Guard Space Marine Chapter and the location of its Fortress-Monastery, called the Ravenspire. Duat was a fief-world of the World Eaters Legion during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras of the late 30th and early 31st Millennia. Snagrod's vicious (and sadistic) wars of conquest have transformed Charadon into the most powerful state within the anarchic confines of Ork space. More Maps by Lapatron. Colchis was the Imperial Feudal World that was the homeworld of the Primarch Lorgar and the homeworld of his Word Bearers Space Marine Legion before the Horus Heresy. Sanguinius instantly recognised the master of mankind and swore fealty to him, taking command of the Blood Angels legion created from his own genes. Cuyavale is a Feral World of the Severan Dominate in the Periphery Sub-sector of the Calixis Sector and is embroiled in the conflict that is consuming the Spinward Front. Kronus is the Civilised World over which war is waged in the PC game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade. Guard units from the Tanith First, Vitrian Dragoons, Oudinot Irregulars, Afghali Ravagers, Pragar, Modian, Cadian Armoured, Sarpoy Mechanised Cavalry, Borkellid Hellhounds, Samothrace 4th, 5th and 15th, Ketzok 17th, Lattarii Gundogs and Jantine Patricians converged on a target that turned out to be an intact STC for Iron Men. These things do not exist on Posul, whose people endure a brutal life of darkness and constant intertribal bloodshed marked by cannibalistic rituals. The 2nd Company of the Ultramarines answered the planet's distress call in 974.M41 and helped to evacuate the remaining Imperial survivors before the Imperial Navy unleashed an Exterminatus order upon the planet's surface at the request of the Adeptus Astartes that is currently believed to have eliminated the Necron threat. He and the Imperial Palace are guarded by the elite transhuman warriors of the Adeptus Custodes. Like the homeworlds of all the Traitor Legions, it was subjected to an Exterminatus following the end of the Horus Heresy because of the sheer levels of Chaotic corruption that prevailed upon its surface. Shaprias is a Feral World located in the binary star system of Lamptan in the Badab Sector of the Segmentum Ultima. The planet had already fallen to two separate forces of Orks and Chaos Space Marines of the World Eaters Legion who were servants of Khorne, who were fighting each other for control of the Ice World. The portal, called the Obsidian Gate, was eventually sealed by an assault from Biel-Tan aided by Yvraine and her Ynarri allies. The Imperium of Man is spread impossibly thin across an estimated two-thirds of the entire Milky Way Galaxy. The Guardsmen and Astartes proved capable of getting the world's hidden force of Titans operational once more, which proved decisive in bringing an end to the Ork assault. They died in honourable battle as they made their defiant last stand, still intoning the litanies of hate against the alien, chanting their bitter fury at their foes even as they were annihilated. With whispered lies and promises, Abaddon unleashed the Daemon Prince Tallomin, the so-called "Prince of Princes," against the Cadian Gate. Much of the planet's population was slain during WAAAGH! Although it could not rival the far more ancient neighboring Forge Worlds of M'Pandex and Mezoa in terms of industrial output, Cyclothrathe nevertheless vastly surpassed any traditional world's manufacturing capabilities. Each battle forced the Mantis Warriors to come to the aid of the beleaguered worlds, destroying their ability to affect the broader outcome of the war. To flee or avoid battle is literally unthinkable; no Enkiduan can even put such concepts into words. As a result, the Hyades PDF was unusually professional. This is one of three massive forge complexes located on the Chaos-controlled world known as The Hollows, one of the many strange worlds located amongst the so-called Gloaming Worlds on the outer ring of the Warp rift known as the Screaming Vortex. Though many knightly houses have risen and fallen over the ages, those that remain can trace their heritage back to a time before the birth of the Imperium, and are justifiably proud of their ancestry. During the Nova Terra Interregnum in the early 35th Millennium, the Imperium was fractured into a number of different warring factions. From this daemon planet, the Word Bearers Dark Council, a collection of the Word Bearers Legion's most powerful Dark Apostles, is the main ruling body that leads the XVII Legion in the absence of their Daemon Primarch Lorgar, who has isolated himself in meditation for millennia within the Templum Inficio. Many will set out hopeful and never come close to their goal. It was the principle of surrender or no quarter, and the Iron Warriors had grown accustomed to granting no quarter. It was located in the Golgotha Sector of the Ultima Segmentum perilously close to the permanent Warp Storm known as the Maelstrom. Whatever one's views on the training methods used, they seem to work, producing troops that are as ferocious on the attack as they are determined in defence.

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