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As I examine each artifact I will question its value to my family. The only reason we had an oven at home was because it came attached to the cooker. I have terrabytes of documents and news articles on current attached and unattached hard disk and memory stick that I think are 'interesting' and need to be kept for someday I will need to "prove" to someone that (for example: Bigfoot is real). HCP was born from this realization. I steal props from 'SNL' a great deal. Yay for WordPress! testimonials Unattended Death Clean Up Qualifications Unattended Death Clean Up Crews Aftermath Services is the premier, nation-wide crime scene cleanup and biohazard remediation company. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Thanks: 12. What the world needs now is a cloud storage service that is not subject to uncontrolled access by intelligence agencies. This is particularly true of underground storage, where there is always a small chance that pressurized CO2 could escape. As our country increasingly relies on electronic information storage and communication, it is imperative that our Government amend our information security laws accordingly. Enlightened self-interest from those involved in hydrocarbons should lead to the support of technologies enabling the clean use of hydrocarbons, such as carbon capture and storage, and not to the defence of deniers and cranks. Numerous half filled bottles...of ketchup/mustard/pickles

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