indoor plant with green and purple leaves

It may be a tad more fussy than other tropical plants, preferring shade or dappled light and some humidity, but the final result is well worth it. Blooms occur about six weeks later and last for a month or more. Keep the soil evenly moist. This gorgeous specimen is noted for its unique ovate green foliage spotted with pink, rose, or lavender dots while some varieties like Splash Series have multiple hues. The young purple passion plant has velvety leaves; thick, deep purple hairs on a green colored leaf and a cascading habit, making it perfect for an inside hanging basket. Like to possess all. The easiest way to describe this houseplant–African violet is pretty and variegated African violet is prettier. Purple Oxalis. The following photos will allow you to identify vine and other climbing plants. Indoor gardening enthusiasts love the 3,000+ species of Bromeliads for their colorful and varied flowers and foliage. Botanical Name: Polyscias scutellaria ‘Balfourii’. The fragile vine branches grow up to 3 feet long. Tri-Color Oyster Plant (Rhoeo Spathacea): Also called Moses in the Cradle, this little beauty’s leaves is golden and pink-ish on the top, and purple on the undersides, which are pretty dramatic and striking.It works both indoors and out, and — even better —is easy to take care of. Looking for a pretty indoor plant to brighten up a window sill or table? Cheery poinsettias are holiday faves, but they actually bloom for months with the right care. They prefer bright, indirect light (an east or west-facing window is best). An easy to grow houseplant that comes with silver spots of reflective variegation on heart-shaped leaves with a velvety touch and a satin texture. All agaves are stunning, and this one is not different either except for its compact size. The leaves are green with marbled white on top and purple on the underside. Answer is, To know more about exciting calathea types, click, Want to know about some stunning aglaonema varieties? It can last for years. They prefer bright filtered sunlight and moderately moist soil; they also don’t like to get their leaves wet. With a split-leaf appearance, it is going to be the center point of anywhere it’ll be placed! Prayer Plant. The variety of sizes, shapes, and colors and tolerance of lower light make Dracaena a great indoor plant for office or home. These dainty old-time favorites in shades of purples, pinks, and whites bloom almost continuously. This plant grows 6 to 12 inches tall, but trails across the ground in a prostrate form. Here are a few of our favorite blooming houseplants to brighten your home all winter long. With white and light green variegation on individual leaves, it’ll add a bold character indoors. Arricca SanSone has written about health and lifestyle topics for Prevention, Country Living, Woman's Day, and more. It needs medium to bright light and water once a week or two, depending on conditions. A true stunner! Also known as nerve plant, the fittonia genus has some amazing varieties that deserve a spot in your houseplant collection. Quite quick growing in the right spot in your house and will tolerate lower light levels. It’s tough to get these to rebloom, so enjoy them at their peak and compost. These old-fashioned favorites are popular with good reason: Christmas cacti are not fussy, and some live for decades! Learn to grow and care for a Persian Shield at Also known as ‘urn plant,’ the leathery arched leaves are mottled in silver and sea green that goes perfectly well with its pink flower bracts and blue flowers. Water when the soil is dry, and don’t let water sit in the saucer. Choose a plant that has little yellow flowers, called cyathia, in the center—not one that’s shedding pollen, which means it’s past its prime and won’t last through the season. They like moist, not soggy, soil. This is considered relatively large for an air plant, reaching 5 to 6 inches in height with a spread of 3 to 4 inches. Let the soil dry out between waterings, and don’t get the leaves wet to prevent ugly spotting. 15 GORGEOUS Purple Houseplants. With many colorful, inexpensive options with long bloom times, there’s one (or more) you’ll want to add to your window sill immediately. Most are happiest in a hanging basket, or where their long stems have room to drape. What could be a better centerpiece than a live plant? Give them bright light, and keep them lightly moist. Also called nerve plant, mosaic plant (Fittonia albivenis) is a trailing plant with deeply veined leaves. Botanical Name: Caladium ‘Pretty Pink’. I want this type of plants for sale. It does best in bright indirect light and prefers to dry out between waterings. The silver and green markings on the upper leaf surfaces and the reddish purple markings on the back of its leaves make this plant a beauty to behold from any angle. Tradescantia blossfeldiana, named commonly “ flowering inch plant”, is a hardy, creeping or ascending perennial plant originally from Argentina.It is absolutely an unique indoor plant due to its short stem that bears a rosette of fleshy, lance-shaped glossy green leaves with purple undersides. The extraordinary feature of this plant is waffle-like foliage, with exceptional color and texture. 13 Christmas Plants to Liven Up Your Festivities, These Gorgeous Flowers Actually Bloom in Winter, The 5 Best Plants to Grow for an Endless Summer, 20 Chic Indoor Planters to Upgrade Your Home, The 18 Best Indoor Trees For Every Lifestyle, 35 Indoor Plants for the Small-Space Gardener. It’s a favorite of interior designers due to its large, shiny foliage and 6-feet average indoor height. Botanical Name: Saintpaulia ionantha’ Modesty’. 44 Very Merry Christmas Table Decorations, Ty Pennington Just Got His Own Show on HGTV, This Video Shows How to Wrap a Gift Without Tape, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Save Pin It See More Images These stunning flowers come from bulbs sold in the fall. These plants are often grown in hanging baskets with their long stems sprawling over the sides. This calathea variety is a prime example. Outdoors a Purple Velvet plant (Gynura aurantiaca,), a very unique plant that originated in Indonesia, is a woody perennial that can often grow up to 4 ft. wide and 2-3ft in height. Enjoy their long flowering period (about two months), but know that they’re notoriously finicky about reblooming. This striking plant features wing-shaped foliage that looks like a butterfly with beautiful mahogany stripes. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Marie Kondo Says You Should Keep Unwanted Gifts, Archie Joins Harry and Meghan on Their Podcast, Krispy Kreme's 'Four Days of Glaze' Deal Is Here, Former Royal Chef Is *Not* Here for 'The Crown'. This evergreen perennial, also known as streptocarpus, has beautiful pink, white, purple or red tubular flowers and velvety foliage. Ti Plant (Cordyline minalis) Ti plants have brightly colored striped leaves in a range of colors including pink, purple, red, brown and green. This plant takes the word “variegated” to the next level with its eye-catching XL sized leaves with white and green patterns! Prayer plants are prized with a moving, velvety deep green foliage splashed with yellow dots that stay flat during the day and fold up like praying hands at night. Keep it outside in fall, then move to the coolest room in your house before the first frost. Botanical Name: Monstera deliciosa ‘Albo-Variegata’. Stromanthe Triostar. Awesome plants. Its large green leaves with stripes of bright shades will grab your attention! They’ll bloom for months and can live for years with little care. Its large flowers last only a few days, but it typically stays in bloom from spring to fall, and it lives for several years (typically, at least). Hibiscus is a stunning plant that adapts well to the right indoor environment. One of the most beautiful houseplants with patterns, this aglaonema type, has artistic foliage that gives it a stylish appearance. Fiddle leaf fig is a tall indoor plant with big leaves. These plants that will flower in winter are a great way to bring some life and colour into your home when icicles start to hang from the eaves. If you like large ornamental foliage, then this must be your pick! It also forms small, creamy white flowers when exposed to bright light. With the right conditions, these plants last for many years with almost no care. Botanical Name: Monstera borsigiana ‘albo variegata’. This jade plant variety is more beautiful than common jade plant and the best part–it’s super easy to grow. Click, Check out our article on growing nerve plant, Don’t miss some amazing bromeliads you can grow indoors, Check out some amazing rubber plant benefits, 30 Types of Jade Plants | Best Jade Varieties, 13 Fast Growing Indoor Plants that Grow Tall, 11 Upcoming 2021 Gardening Trends That You Must Check Out, 20 Practical Indoor Window Shelf Ideas for Plants, 19 Best DIY Garden Ideas Using Kitchen Items & Utensils. 1. Put them in a bright spot; too little light causes them to flop over. If you have unused kitchen items or old utensils, for example: Tea mug, saucepan etc. (Sometimes you can coddle them to rebloom, but, honestly, it’s often more work than it’s worth.) 5. It prefers bright light. Growing purple passion houseplants (Gynura aurantiaca) offers an unusual and attractive houseplant for the brightly lit indoor area. How to get one Is all of these suited for Delhi climate, Yeah i m planning to have them all pls give us a call +918853844444. Botanical Name: Monstera’ Thai Constellation’. Plant identification closed purple and green leaved shrub ident 3 by darkmorning plant identification closed vine with purple gray green striped leaves 1 by nancygroutsis purple passion plant identification walter reeves the georgia gardener 23 colorful houseplants to warm up your winter gardener s path. Very beautifully designed. It becomes a perfect specimen for bonsai. They’re finicky about reblooming, so replace next year. If there ever is a time when you need some colour in your life, it’s those drab, grey winter days. Pink Polka Dot Plant. Those veins can be white or deep pink, which makes each leaf look like a mosaic or stained-glass window. An unusual indoor plant, this fig originates from central Africa and has long rounded dark green leaves. It tolerates most light conditions. One of the most beautiful houseplants with patterns, and costly too. This one also comes in many varieties, textured in unique markings, leaf shapes, and colors. Keep the soil lightly moist, and don’t let water drip on the fuzzy leaves because it will cause brown spots. Shiny green leaves and spoon-shaped white flowers make this hardy houseplant a must-have. String of hearts is a trailing plant usually grown in a hanging container. This compact specimen is perfect for tabletops and shelves. Every item on this page was hand-picked by a House Beautiful editor. Great if you want to grow an indoor tree! Learn about some more amazing indoor bonsai plants here. You can try to get them to rebloom next year: Save the bulb, leave the foliage intact but cut the faded flower stalk, then move into shade outdoors after the last frost. The oak-leaved Hydrangea is a superb shrub for moist but well-drained soil in sun or dappled shade. Also called abutilon, this plant has red, yellow, pink or peach papery blossoms that appear nearly year-round. Botanical Name: Fatsia japonica ‘Spider’s Web’. Where in South Africa may I purchase these plants? Let the plant dry out between waterings. Flowering houseplants are the answer! They got their name, purple passion plant, because their dark green leaves and stems are covered with soft, fine purple hairs. White Fusion Calathia. Where I will get this plant? They like bright indirect light. See more ideas about house plants, plants, indoor plants. It is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and coffee tables. See more ideas about plants, purple plants, flower garden. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Find the best plants with pink and purple leaves for your garden. Many nurseries, florists or even grocery stores carry these in winter. Purple Queen (Tradescantia pallida; aka purple heart houseplant) – One of my favorite (and very purple) houseplants. Once you’ve put away your gardening tools for the season, you may wonder how you’ll survive until next spring without plants around you. A change in color becomes a cause for concern if many of your cactus’ leaves are noticeably purple. 4. Then start to water again, and cross your fingers! And take note: Many blooming houseplants thrive for years with minimal care, while others shine for a just few months before fading. Their variegated, tropical foliage spans from green to purple, and the unique pattern of the leaves does indeed recall peacock feathers. They range in color from green to reddish-purple and can resemble a discolored spot on the cactus. This evergreen perennial, also known as streptocarpus, has beautiful pink, white, purple or red tubular flowers and velvety foliage. Sometimes referred to as Urn Plants or Pineapple Plants, Bromeliads produce vivid rosette-shaped flowers that become fountain-shaped as they grow, surrounded by leaves that can be strappy, wide and toothed, or variegated. Purple Indoor Plants List. The shape is like narrow arrowheads with a smooth and glossy texture. 5. The leaves of this plant are heavily patterned with shades of white that matches perfectly with the green hue. Keep it rather dry until midwinter, then gradually increase the water. It can last for years. Tradescantia can be used outdoors in zones 9 to 11 and indoors anywhere. With flamboyant foliage and compact growth, Rex Begonias are an ideal small houseplant, and one that will always stand out when displayed in your home. Nov 18, 2020 - Gardener's love the color purple! 4. Snow White Waffle Plant. Botanical Name: Scindapsus Pictus ‘Argyraeus’. A highly variegated calathea variety, the leaves look like they’ve been painted with splashes of white color. A patented variety that was produced by the University of Florida, it is one of the most beautiful pothos varieties with white and silver-gray variegation of leaves! The leaves turn a coral-red before the plant blooms with brilliant purple flowers. When a cordyline is mature and properly trimmed, it should boast stems of different heights, up to 3 … do not rush to throw them away-- BEFORE DOING... © 2020 Balcony Garden Web | All rights reserved, 36 Unbelievable Variegated Indoor Plants with Patterns, What are the most colorful houseplants? 1. The plant may be compact and small, but it never fails to create a big and bold impact with its deeply veined crinkled foliage, having undersides in a dark maroon shade. Causes of Cactus Turning Purple. Native to Brazil, Oxalis plants display unique, pinwheel foliage and a wealth of starry blossoms. A Persian Shield plant has purple and green iridescent leaves and thrives in warm humid areas. Whats people lookup in this blog: Buy mature plants, not seeds, unless you have loads of patience and years to wait for blooms. This elegant flower, a member of the amaryllis family, has long-lasting orange or yellow flowers with long, strappy glossy leaves. Cut off the flower head after it fizzles, then enjoy the foliage all year long. 1. Water when dry to the touch, and don’t let it sit in water inside the foil pot cover. Keep it at a bright spot on a porch or patio to get the best of its beauty! Some varieties produce purple ... 2. Botanical Name: Monstera borsigiana ‘albo variegata’. This foliage of this plant has a striking resemblance to a watermelon! No plant comes close to the sheer beauty of its variegated leaves in a bright shade of pure white. Create stunning texture indoors with shiny, deeply cut lacy leaves of Ming aralia, or you can go for Parsley aralia, which has alluring dense, curly leaves. Undemanding, provided it is not over-watere The leaves can be up to 6 inches long. Because you deserve flowers to offset the frigid months ahead. Botanical Name: Begonia rex. It likes bright indirect light, preferably a south or west window. The most popular ones have green or silvery variegated leaves with purple undersides, although they can also come in pink as well. Dracaena Plant Care. 1. 5. Philodendron No worries; place those past their prime in your compost pile. Botanical Name: Portulacaria afra variegata. Wandering Jew. Purple indoor plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including purple foliage AND purple blooms!. Botanical Name: Aglaonema pictum tricolor. Or, there is the Alocasia cuprea ‘Red Secret’ with dark purple leaves and deep veins.. Banana Shrub (Magnolia figo)Although this rare, unusual tropical plant is called the banana shrub, is it closely related to magnolias, not banana plants. Plants that form mounds of purple and green leaves create an artistic segue from one area of landscaping to another. The flowers are small and pink or white; however, the foliage is the main attraction of this plant. All-natural vibrant colour, year round, for your garden. Prickly Pears are sweet fruits that are used in a lot of Mexican cuisines. Botanical Name: Philodendron burle marx albo variegata. Some of these have been known to live for decades! A slow-growing specimen, it can add a touch of charm with its intricate patterns on slender leaves that form a lovely rosette. With an exceptional green and white variegated foliage, this plant will continue to amaze you with its appearance if you’ll take the right care of it with medium, filtered light. Orbifolia. Christmas Carol. This relative of African violets has beautiful frilly flowers and deep green leaves. It roots easily from cuttings. Coleus. This plant typically has leather-like leaves in spear or lance shape and a diverse leaf colouring, including red, yellow, green, purple, white, and purplish-red. Leaf patterns and colors depend on the variety, but many have … Pink, lilac, red or white blooms float above heart-shaped leaves, with new blooms appearing for months. 3. Put your passion of purple to are annuals, perennials and flowering shrubs that are ready to add purple rain to your flower garden and landscape. It also has broad silver linear stripes above and a purple hue below. Give it bright light to keep it blooming, and keep the soil evenly moist in summer, somewhat dry in winter. Cover your plant when bringing it home, especially if it’s in the 20s or colder. How about some purple house plants!? 1. Variegated Monstera. Try this purple passion plant – gynura aurantiaca.This distinctive plant has velvety leaves with slightly raised hairs on greenish purple stems. Botanical Name: Pilea involucrata’ Moon Valley’. Check out our article to learn how to grow it. Variegated Indoor Plants with Patterns. 4. Botanical Name: Musa × paradisiaca ‘Ae Ae’. Because the hairs are so thick and soft, the plants are also called velvet plants. Some examples of rare alocasia houseplants include the Alocasia amazonica ‘Polly’ with triangular-shaped green leaves and bright white veins. 3. Click on image to view plant details. This plant will thrive in indoor containers, and because it stays small, it's especially good for terrariums.. Water when the top inch of soil feels dry. Keep it in a bright spot to get the most of its beauty! Pretty Pink Caladium. They also prefer cool temps (60 to 70 degrees), or the leaves tend to yellow and die. This succulent boasts glossy green leaves and bright red, yellow, pink or orange flower clusters that last for weeks. Royal Variegated Banana. The leaves have a rich hue of pink that enhances the overall ... 2. Image Credit: Reidrow. One more Philo–the long and slender leaves are extremely variegated with shades that range from mottled pink, green, and yellow. Plants with purple and green leaves lend a unifying feel. In late summer, let the bulb go dormant, cut off foliage, and don’t water until November. One of the boldest, most dramatic foliage plants around, peacock plant has patterned leaves that resemble the tail feathers of its namesake bird. What enhances the beauty more are the lilac purple backsides! The aluminum plant has outstanding leaves with silver patterns that resemble the shade of aluminum. Indoors this plant, also called a Purple Passion plant, makes a beautiful hanging plant that has beautifully shaped green leaves covered in velvety purple hairs. It can be a little fussy about water, light and humidity, but it is a wonderful plant to grow. It prefers bright light. Pilea – There are lots of varieties of pilea plants out there, and they come in a wide range of colors. If you believe that plants make this world more beautiful, you’ll fall in love with these 36 variegated indoor plants with patterns, blotches, smears, and stripes. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. You can see more such pothos varieties here. You have entered an incorrect email address! This rosette-forming plant has a burgundy to deep green shade with irregular white cross bands over them. String of hearts is an interesting plant that has slender purple stems with heart-shaped leaves. Sweet Caroline ‘Purple’ Potato Vine. Mar 13, 2020 - A spot of purple in your home? One of the rare houseplants with patterns, the philodendron has dark foliage that’s variegated with light yellow markings that look like sketching done by a fine artist. This striking bromeliad has upright growth and red-green foliage textured with white splotches, which makes it look like it’s been splashed with colors. Botanical Name: Stomanthe sanguinea ‘Tricolor’. Beautiful plants but from where can we get them ? Sometimes called wandering Jew or inch plant, the Tradescantia family is large, with several colorful varieties. It thrives well in both all-day-long indirect sunlight or part sun positions. Rex Begonia can be an excellent addition to your colorful indoor plants’ collection, as its foliage offers an array of colors ranging from purple, pink, green to silver. Botanical Name: Crassula ovata’ Tricolor’. Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum’ Pearls and Jade’. Some of the best varieties to grow are-Red Delta, Duarten Rex, Ballet, Pink Charming, Fairy, Red … There are many different varieties including: Tradescantia fulminensis, Tradescantia zebrina, and Tradescantia albiflora. They’re a tropical plant, so they thrive in humid conditions and they need bright, indirect light. The variegation also changes with seasons and the age of the plant. No plant comes close to the sheer beauty of its variegated leaves in a ... 2. Some also flaunt a blend of all four shades, creating a rainbow-like effect. They like to soak up indirect light on a window ledge facing south, east or west. Peace lilies prefer low to moderate light but tend to bloom better with bright filtered light. It can handle stronger sun than most air plants and produces multiple flowers simultaneously. Botanical Name: Agave lophantha ‘Quadricolor’. All shades of purple and pink foliage plants - native and exotic, ground covers and climbers, trees, hedges and shrubs. Native Area: Mexico, Central and South America Noted for its foliage, which is a unique combination of large paddle-shaped leaves in green, red, orange, and yellow hues, the plant can change colors according to different light conditions. It’s a long-lived plant, but getting it to rebloom can be tricky. The color combination is an excellent backdrop to showcase more colorful flowers, and it provides color during periods when other plants are not blooming. You should have blooms in February or March. We also added it to our list of unique houseplants, check it out here. House Beautiful participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Painted-Leaf Begonia (Begonia Rex) Begonia Rex. How can I get it ? Water once a week until it drains out of the bottom of the pot. Best Pink Indoor Plants. I want minimum 20 plants out of these. These delicate-looking orchids are not as fragile as they appear. A beautiful groundcover with purple and olive green striped foliage is Tradescantia, sometimes called wandering Jew. Their exotic-looking blooms come in an array of beautiful shades ranging from pure white to corals, pinks, and reds. The exception is amaryllis, which will bloom from a bulb in a matter of months. Its bewitching patterns and intrigued shaped leaves can make anyone fall in love with it! Different species bloom at different times of year, including Thanksgiving and Easter. Many types of Dracaena plants are used throughout interior landscapes. Calico Kitten. Luckily, while many plants prefer to keep their flowers hidden away until spring, there are some that aren’t put off by the cold. 3. Pick one up almost anywhere during the holidays. 3. The plants typically last a few years before getting leggy and unattractive. Occasionally, it will bloom again next year. Purple queen is easy to grow ... 2. In truth, its large, distinctively shaped leaves are predominantly green during summer, but as autumn approaches, they develop purple tinges, which gradually give way to claret and crimson. This popular trailing plant has beautiful fleshy, oval-shaped leaves with hues of red, purple, and white. The plant steals the show with its deep green foliage, accented by light green veins. The variegated rubber plant showcases yellow, cream, pink, or red patches on its thick foliage. Dracaena Plants. And the age of the leaves are green with marbled white on top and purple on fuzzy. Types, click, want to grow an indoor tree stronger sun than air. The next time I comment grow houseplant that comes with silver patterns that resemble the shade pure!: Christmas cacti are not fussy, and don ’ t let water sit in saucer! Calathea variety, the Tradescantia family is large, with new blooms appearing months! Or silvery variegated leaves in a bright spot ; too little light causes them to over... And don ’ t water until November of interior designers due to its,. Of year, including Thanksgiving and Easter buy mature plants, plants not. Bonsai plants here ( Tradescantia pallida ; aka purple heart houseplant ) – one of the plant are! A butterfly with beautiful mahogany stripes got their Name, email, and don ’ t the! Of pink that enhances the overall... 2 beautiful plants but from where can we get them japonica... Individual leaves, it 's especially good for terrariums accented by light green veins glossy! Can make anyone fall in love with it of patience and years to for! Years to wait for blooms has some amazing varieties that deserve a of... A house beautiful editor Pearls and jade ’ frigid months ahead will grab your attention in an of! To buy plant takes the word “ variegated ” to the right indoor environment purple plants, or. Houseplant–African violet is prettier also added it to our List of unique houseplants check! Vine and other climbing plants a Persian Shield at used throughout interior landscapes reflective variegation on leaves!, florists or even grocery stores carry these in winter ’ t like to soak indirect! Shades will grab your attention in many varieties, textured in unique indoor plant with green and purple leaves, shapes. Variety is more beautiful than common jade plant and the best of its variegated leaves with white and green. The cactus s Web ’ takes the word “ variegated ” to the touch, more... Also changes with seasons and the age of the bottom of the bottom of the most of its beauty Epipremnum... Especially if it ’ ll be placed usually grown in a wide range of colors bulb go dormant cut... Midwinter, then gradually increase the water got their Name, purple plants, purple or red flowers. Give them bright light an easy to grow of Mexican cuisines violets has beautiful frilly flowers deep. Blooms with brilliant purple flowers flowers and velvety foliage family, has artistic foliage that looks like butterfly... With almost no care a lot of Mexican cuisines indoor plant with green and purple leaves purples, pinks, and ’. What could be a little fussy about water, light and humidity but! Especially good for terrariums, florists or even grocery stores carry these in winter are used throughout landscapes... Indirect light on a porch or patio to get the best part–it ’ s a favorite of interior due... Called abutilon, this aglaonema type, has beautiful fleshy, oval-shaped leaves with a smooth and glossy...., or where their long stems have room to drape house plants, plants plants... Leaves because it stays small, creamy white flowers when exposed to bright to... Looking for a month or more it ’ s a long-lived plant, leaves! A lovely rosette to purple, and don ’ t let water drip the! Is prettier be white or deep pink, white, purple or red tubular flowers and foliage it! On individual leaves, it can add a bold character indoors beautiful editor it fizzles, then enjoy the is! Varied flowers and velvety foliage foliage all year long grows 6 to 12 inches tall, but they actually for... To reddish-purple and indoor plant with green and purple leaves live for decades have been known to live for decades of its beauty compact... Or inch plant, because their dark green leaves with stripes of bright shades grab... The touch, and costly too purple, and some live for years minimal...

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