uses of electricity for class 6

The filament heats up when an electric current is passed through it. Here we have covered Important Questions on Electricity and Circuits for Class 6 Science subject. These two terminals are fixed in such a way that they do not touch each other. 11. Materials through which electric current can flow are called conductors. 14.3(a and b)]. Solar panels made up of solar cells are used to light up streets and many homes. Solved Examples for You. (7) Electric iron, mixer and grinder, microwave oven, electric geyser, electric kettle, washing machine, radio set, television set, stereo system computer all work because there is electricity. We should never join the two terminals of a cell directly by a wire because if we join the two terminals of a cell directly by wire only, then the chemicals present in the cell get used up very fast, the cell gets damaged quickly. The electric current flows from the positive terminal of the electric cell to its negative terminal. Electricity is useful because it can be converted easily into various other forms of energy such heat energy, light energy ,mechanical energy, sound energy and magnetism. Primary cells can be used only once, and have to be thrown away once they have been used up. An electric bulb has a filament which is connected to the two terminals. A device that can be used to produce an electric current is called a source of electric current. Such a circuit is called a closed circuit. (1) The torch bulb consists of a small glass bulb fixed on a metal case. The whole thing is then sealed (with only the metal cap sticking out), so that the contents do not spill out. Required fields are marked *, We can use an electric cell to get electricity that is safe for performing experiment. In addition, the share of renewables in electricity consumption rose to 34.1% in 2019 in the EU; they accounted for 22.1% of total energy use for heating and cooling and for 8.9% for transport. The two terminals of a torch bulb do not touch each other, they are separated by an insulating material between them. 2. Materials, through which the electric current cannot pass, are called insulators. Electric wires have a plastic insulation over them. When the switch breaks the circuit, it is called open switch. An electric switch is a device that is used to open or close a circuit. The lowest proportions of renewables were recorded in Luxembourg (7.0%), Malta (8.5%), the Netherlands (8.8%), and Belgium (9.9%). Such a circuit is called a closed circuit. Such a circuit is called an open circuit. She has started this educational website with the mindset of spreading Free Education to everyone. Electricity generated by portable generators is dangerous and should not be used for experiments. (b) … A path for an electric current to flow is called an electric circuit. Electric heater and geyser work on the same … This happens because we provide a path for the current to flow. Hence, current cannot flow through the circuit and the bulb does not glow. Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Use more natural lighting. Electricity also can make magnetism. A wire made of a metal like copper, silver, or aluminium, which will allow electric current to flow through easily. (4) Electricity is also utilised in a room heater which keeps us warm on a cold winter day. 24. Open circuit: A circuit with a break in it is called an open circuit. In Figure 14.6(a), one wire from the pencil cell is connected to the torch bulb, while the other wire is not. ... An Act to amend the law retaining to the supply and use of electrical energy. They are used in mobile phones, laptops, and car batteries. Three basic conditions (Fig. This is done with … Anything that provides us energy is called a source of energy. Nickel and chromium-coated articles are used in automobiles and household appliances.

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