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―Barbaneth Beoulve, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, Is it not I? So there! The only cure for this fear is total destruction. Teil des „FINAL FANTASY XIV Produzentenbriefs LIVE. And I'm sure it's only the beginning. He is neither good, nor evil. ―Shantotto to Exdeath, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Hatred is what drives me! I was starting to worry that you’d never download this part of the game and I'd be stuck in digital limbo! ―Shelke, World of Final Fantasy, I'm starting to wonder if I've put Grymoire in the right hands. We are currently closed due to the world being engulfed by darkness. ―Cid to Illua, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, Me, hungry for power? Psalm 81:7. We must stay here. Honed is the blade that severs the villain's head. I'll show them! ―A man outside the Coliseum, Final Fantasy Dimensions, To thee I grant this gift of light, upon thy head a crown of might. The world needs people with power... be they many or few. ―Squall performing his EX Burst, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Get over yourself. ―Regis Lucis Caelum to Noctis, Final Fantasy XV, The power of kings, passed from the old to the new through the bonding of souls. I read as much poetry as time allows and circumstance dictates: No heartache can pass without a little Dorothy Parker, no thunderstorm without W. H. Auden, no sleepless night without W. B. Yeats. Live too close to the fal'Cie? They don't symbolize monsters. Cut the mic! I trust them all with my life! ―Penelo, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, Hmph, I'm afraid the only cure for my brand of idiocy is steel, my dear. He was peerless. ―Rolan, Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, I hate that Rolan! ―Lenne to Shuyin, Final Fantasy X-2, Who's on top now, Dullwings? Teil des „FINAL FANTASY XIV Produzentenbriefs LIVE”, Vom Licht in die Dunkelheit Screenshot-Wettbewerb, Cosplay-Wettbewerb auf der Japan Expo 2019, „Viera & Hrothgar Makeover“ Twitter-Screenshot-Wettbewerb, Der 50. Please, stop amplifying the power of the water crystal! ―Tellah, Final Fantasy IV, You spoony bard! ―Edge, Final Fantasy IV, Don't forget handsome, and really skilled! ―Red XIII, Final Fantasy VII, Shut up. But don't be sad, Mother. ―Balthier, Final Fantasy XII, Agents masquerading as guides. ―Auron, Final Fantasy X, The fayth are the ones that give power to the summoners—not the temples or the teachings. I want the present to stand still. You saw a ghost of a red mage—of Rainemard? ―Shantotto, Final Fantasy XI, If you guys don't get your act together, I am ganna kick you into next watersday! But people die anyway. ―Eight, Final Fantasy Type-0, The future waits for no one. ―Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Final Fantasy XV, To crown the King of Light is the calling of the Crystal. ―Genesis Rhapsodos, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, I see... you've finally made your decision. That is the Bastonkan way. ―Vaan about Tidus sleeping on the floor., Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Lightning with no sky in which to hide... No choice now but to fulfill your destiny...and fall. The price of freedom is steep. ―Judge Gabranth, Final Fantasy XII, I, Judge Magister, condemn you to oblivion! Or... maybe it was I myself who did that. Perfect, my canary. If the temples try to stop us, then we will defy Yevon if we must. ―Ultimecia about SEED, before the final battle, Final Fantasy VIII, I am Ultimecia. ―Mid on the revamped Fire-Powered Ship, Final Fantasy V, Galuf. I'll be expecting results. ―Delita, Final Fantasy Tactics, They keep the truth from you as they did your brother. How life has infinite possibilities. The Pain! ―Ultros, if Golbez attacks him during battle, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, (Our weakness is precisely what makes us so powerful...) ―Shinra describing Yuna, Final Fantasy X-2, Welcome to your doom, starring me! ―Topapa to Luneth, Final Fantasy III, I suppose this is my fate as a Dark Knight. It's a Squad B rule. ―Mydia, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, The aegyl are no illusions. ―Sazh Katzroy, Final Fantasy XIII, Find your own road to hell. I thought I'd be able to go through with it without ever doubting myself. ―Zack, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, A good son would have known. Always! ―Bartz, Final Fantasy V, You have mastered the piano!!! The Frostbearer's blessing shall be his. It's the strangest feeling... ―Llyud, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, You want quiet, you better take the next train. I'll make it through. ―Galenth disguised as Serah, Final Fantasy XIII, Look. ―Sazh Katzroy in Lake Bresha, Final Fantasy XIII, You don't believe in anything. Their heads in the clouds, thinking self-sacrifice can somehow save everyone. You can go back to the brig if you'd rather. I hate it. ―Exdeath performing his EX Burst, Dissidia Final Fantasy, I can protect everything! The power to witness the future. Love will be the ruin of us all! ―Garland to Warriors of Light, Final Fantasy, You dare to cross blades with me? That responsibility? ―Vanille, Final Fantasy XIII, All this dampness is damp. And we won't let the fear of death, which each of us knows, stop us from living our lives. ―Chaos, Dissidia Final Fantasy, You resist in vain... ―Faris Scherwiz, Final Fantasy V, Tears don't really suit you, Krile. In Final Fantasy XV, Noctis can employ the help of powerful Astral deities known as Summons. ―Moguta, Final Fantasy IX, Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker. I can just keep on doing what I've been doing! Actions speak louder than words, so no more threads from you eh. I'm a grown-up now, and crying won't help one bit! We still have much work to do, my brother. ―Crystal, Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, I'm sorry, Ariadne. Could you eradicate the mistakes of history, and build a perfect future? ―Strago, Final Fantasy VI, Poo on peace! ―Rufus, Final Fantasy VII, Is that all you can do...? ―Sephiroth speaking in Cloud's mind., Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, Use brings about wear, tear, and rust. Both sides blame one another. ―Zidane, Final Fantasy IX, Yo pops, I'll have the stupid special. Shall I give you despair? Sin sees dreams of its own destruction. ―Zack as Genesis summons Bahamut Fury, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, No,'re not the Sephiroth I once knew. ―The Creator, before transforming, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, The Lunarians' Crystals were robbed of their power. You crossed the Void and made it to Valhalla. I told her that she wasn't dying, just returning to the Earth spirit, to Gaia. It starts with anxiety. Verse Concepts. ―Kain to Cecil regarding Rydia, Final Fantasy IV, I can't believe I'm helping this sleaze. Why cling to life, knowing that you have to die? What's a couple of overblown pop-guns against the likes of us?! The chemical reactions... that were controlled by my outer frame...! ―Frimelda the zombie, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, Since when have we been "friends" and how soon can we stop? ―Barret, to Vincent, Final Fantasy VII, I've been itching to ask you this for a long time. They conjured up the Purge to eliminate a threat. ―Kefka Palazzo, Final Fantasy VI, If this is all a dream, don't wake me up. ―Hope Estheim, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, The legend had told of her coming... Banisher of darkness, bringer of light, redeemer of souls. As I grew up, everyone I knew died, one by one, until eventually it was just me. ―Kiros reminding Laguna on an incident involving Ellone, Final Fantasy VIII, PERSUASION, USELESS. Maybe this time, she'll show me some love. ―Jane Proudfoot, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Why are you always bustin' my chops? Summoner. Equipment. 1. Demands and entreaties and prayers... over and over again! ―Noel Kreiss, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Charging ahead into an early grave. ―Aire as a refugee in Liberte, Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, We defeat the pirates and rescue Apollo's parents. Now we can go to exotic ports, and meet even more exotic women! ―Beatrix, Final Fantasy IX, Aiya! Gods exist all right. It's good to see you again...for it means I have returned! SeeeeeeeD! ―Alba, when Nacht hears something stirring., Final Fantasy Dimensions, My powers of deduction tell me...yellow polka dot bikini, yes? All you care about is death's release. Teil des „FINAL FANTASY XIV Produzentenbriefs LIVE, Der 15. Endless possibilities. City-state. I don't want to stop. That is just a fool. That's not what I think it is, is it!?! The ones who should be smiling with me aren't here. And by me, I mean Gilgamesh!! ―Ace, Final Fantasy Type-0, I've been trying to come up with a good chocobo name. ―Luso on learning how the Grimoire works, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, Hey, um, Judge! Just two sides holding different views. ―Kefka, Dissidia Final Fantasy, THIS is gonna hurt!...did I get 'em? It's the only way. Franchise: Final Fantasy. ―Sephiroth to Cloud, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, I will...never be a memory. ―Yotsuyu goe Brutus, Final Fantasy XIV, That boy just isn't very buoyant. ―Game text, when mastering the piano, Final Fantasy V, Something's fishy about this place, and it ain't cod... But don't sweat it, bro! They just wanted to create new tools. Not one, but two babes in the party. He's arrogant and cocky from the get-go. All you are is an empty puppet. ―Terra after Edgar flirts with her, Final Fantasy VI, I'm better off waiting here for the executioner. Sure, let's make the most of this world of ours, will we? ―Rolan, Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, Hey, what are friends for? ―Luneth on the Saronia Civil War, Final Fantasy III, Maybe they're out pillaging villages like good soldiers of doom? How adventurous! I can't afford to let that stop me. What would you do if you had that power? She's cute...and she's in trouble. ―Squall when Nida offers to let him address the Garden as its newly promoted commander., Final Fantasy VIII, No matter what happens, even if you become the world's enemy, I'll be your knight. Still, sometimes, when I close my eyes… I can see them so clearly. I won't let it happen. I want to hold true to the path that HAD to be taken. Shadowblade: "Open your eyes to the darkness, and drown in its loveless embrace. Brightlinen Cyclas of Casting ⬤ Royal Blue search glamours using the same piece. Drink in the light and cleanse your soul. ―Shamonde, Final Fantasy XI, Much more running around with bangaa at my heels and I'm like to give up sky-pirating altogether. ―Balthier, Final Fantasy XII, I said you're the one that stinks, ham shanks. Who has not dreamed of returning to the past, of changing the future? ―Sephiroth, Final Fantasy VII, Because...of our actions...many.....people died.....this our punishment... Teil des „FINAL FANTASY XIV Produzentenbriefs LIVE”, Stellt eure Fragen für den Brief des Produzenten – Live in Las Vegas (2016), Fest der Wiedergeburt Screenshot-Wettbewerb, Der 31. Snake!? ―Black Mage No.288, Final Fantasy IX, I'm telling you, she was too shy to hand me the letter herself! ―Sabin on the Phantom Train, Final Fantasy VI, Waaaaaaahhhh! Brought back that future I once strove for. ―Caius Ballad, Final Fantasy XIII-2, I killed him. 'When darkness veils the world, four Warriors of Light shall come. ―Anarchist Monthly magazine, Final Fantasy VIII, You think we built a village three-hundred, twenty-three meters underground just for fun? ―Noel Kreiss, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Humanity is doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. What value can they have, if your souls are not known to God? We live to make the impossible possible. ―Sephiroth, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Aerith? ―Palom, regarding Leonora, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Seriously, that is one creepy face you're making. ―Squall Leonhart, Final Fantasy VIII, ...A speech? ―Rinoa, Final Fantasy VIII, I don't want the future. And ladies! ―Imperial Soldier going to the bathroom, Final Fantasy VI, You born on a farm, son? ―Kefka to the imperial force poised to attack Narshe, Final Fantasy VI, I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE YOU! ―Kefka, Final Fantasy VI, Run run, or you'll be well done! You miss the point. Teil des „FINAL FANTASY XIV Produzentenbriefs LIVE”, Der 40. ―Seven, Final Fantasy Type-0, Is it true that one of the guys in Class Zero actually fights with playing cards? 3 years ago. ―Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII, The people don't know any better. Power? ―Prishe, referring to the player, who was presumably dead earlier, Final Fantasy XI, That tall guy in weird clothes says he's from some place called sandy-oreos. Gods, the Gridanians will think us raised in a gutter! Witness its power with your own eyes! I welcome it! Ya follow me? ―Biggs's last words to Ceodore, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, (Women can be fearsome things, sometimes...) ―Headmaster Cid, Final Fantasy VIII, Oh how I love thee Instructor Quistis, I cannot sleep at night thinking of your radiating beauty, that is why I am always falling asleep in sinful you are... ―Balthier, Final Fantasy XII, At least we thought to bring entertainment. ―Luso joins Clan Gully, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, It's policy. The girl you loved? Starting with how to keep that mouth of yours shut. To win every match, defeat every opposing team! Thunder god is a crossword puzzle clue. Cut or be cut, but be on with't! ―Leila joins the party, Final Fantasy II, I did take the lives of many foes while fighting the empire... ―Firion, Dissidia Final Fantasy, You should have disposed of your fantasy, and accepted me as master. ―Marche Radiuju, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, I'm always nervous. You know what I mean, don't you? Knowledge! The food here is great, and the people are very nice. ―Sephiroth to Cloud, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Good to see you...Cloud. Pride is lost. Yet now he lives for one purpose: only to summon. ―Gabranth performing his EX Burst, Dissidia Final Fantasy, At the end of the dream...even chaos...tears itself apart! ―Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII-2, When reaching for the future, we sometimes fall into the past. ―Noel Kreiss, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Humans aren't strong. But don't expect me to help you. 22. Warkkkk ―Garland, Final Fantasy IX, I'm kupo for kupo nuts! Teil des „FINAL FANTASY XIV Produzentenbriefs LIVE, Der 6. You can remold history as your heart desires. And I will travel across the world forever if I must... ―Ingus, Final Fantasy III, I can't help but wonder... what has happened to my father? ―Cid, Final Fantasy VII, Be careful of forgetfulness. That's why we'll just sneak on and steal their ship! ―Kenny Crow, Final Fantasy XV, I do not fear death. I want better food! It can't run anywhere except where its rails take it. ―Kazus villager, Final Fantasy III, What gibberish is that? I'm able to skip the rock as many times as I want! They believe the hardships of the present fade with the passage of time. That's all the Purge ever was. ―Fickblix, Goblin in Jeuno, about the flowers he planted, Final Fantasy XI, Just you watch them wither and die. ―Vayne, Final Fantasy XII, BURN IN HELL, GABRANTH!!! Did Timmy fall down a well? ―Yuna, Final Fantasy X-2, I guess everyone's like this. He is given the epithet Thunder God Cid, abbreviated to T.G. You were almost in tears! The point is, I have people I can count on. It'll be my first act, as savior. I shall cast this body into the Chaos. ―Ramza Beoulve, Final Fantasy Tactics, Evanescence... what a sad word... xXxSephirothxXx? ―Prishe enters EX Mode, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, It's way past my lunchtime! Go on this mission for your own gain. Hmm... Is very salty. Download Image Photo detail for : Title: Cid Ff14 Date: March 08, 2019 Size: 96kB Resolution: 622px x 756px More Galleries of The Final Fantasy Wiki. Sometimes, there would only be one. ―Dueler X, aka Mog, Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales, You're finished. ―Bartz Klauser, Final Fantasy V, I heard a meteorite landed near Tycoon. Teil des „FINAL FANTASY XIV Produzentenbriefs LIVE, Der 17. Though you might just want to keep them safe, shutting them out of your life only hurts them more. The players fight with all their strength: the fans cheer for their favorite team. Teil des „FINAL FANTASY XIV Produzentenbriefs LIVE”, Der 29. You have been chosen. These powers just come naturally to me. ―Jecht, Final Fantasy X, Come to kill the old man? Whatever it takes to make you happy. ―Onion Knight to Shantotto, Dissidia Final Fantasy, A lone heart will not change the world. I was starting to get a little confused, to be honest. ―Class First Cadet, Final Fantasy Type-0, It becomes hard to see clearly when your life starts flashing before your eyes, but death won't wait for you to make your next move. You remember that! ―Jihl Nabaat upon performing Sadistic Surge, Final Fantasy XIII-2, People's hearts are pure chaos. ―Zack, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, Well, you need a hand with 'im? ―Ashe, Final Fantasy XII, You're a sky pirate, aren't you? Teil des „FINAL FANTASY XIV Produzentenbriefs LIVE”, Der 49. Polytheistic peoples of many cultures have postulated a thunder god, the personification or source of the forces of thunder and lightning; a lightning god does not have a typical depiction, and will vary based on the culture.In Indo-European cultures, the thunder god is frequently known as the chief or King of the Gods, e.g. I won't taste good! That way, you can explain the orders to me later. Any 'freedom' gotten from Lucavi isn't true freedom! This old dog is always ready for anything! And then, at the end, feeling something next to you…invisible…touching you….Reaching inside your body and… ―Cyan, to the dancer in Nikeah, Final Fantasy VI, If I were you, Ox, I'd grab grandpa, here, and run! ―Caius Ballad to Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Child of miracles. ―Atma Weapon, Final Fantasy VI, I'm Atma… Left here since birth… Forgotten in the river of time… I've had an eternity to… Ponder the meaning of things… And now I have an answer… ―Dycedarg Beoulve to Zalbaag Beoulve, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, No, this is by far the most kupo story I've ever heard! ―Fusoya to Cecil, Final Fantasy IV, Never hesitate to kill, Kain. ―Yuna, Final Fantasy X, I fight for Spira. ―Kain to a pack of manikins, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, And here I thought you were just another prepubescent pretty boy! It's not the first time this has happened, either. Blame yourself or God. In it's place... is a desire to help you, a desire to save Genesis... No, it's bigger than that. ―Zell, Final Fantasy VIII, Why don't you try to show a little more passion...? They'll feel better as long as someone is punished. ―Lulu to Wakka, Final Fantasy X, Live and let live! They came and took this planet away from you. Caius, he is beyond death. ―One-eyed Gwajboj, during the signing of Jeuno's surrender in the Crystal War, Final Fantasy XI, Mine obsidian blade shall split atwain the threads of thy future, whilst its crimson fuller shalt channel the lifeblood of thy past. It gets me thinking too much. The currents of time do not touch its shores. ―Squall, Final Fantasy VIII, Reality isn't so kind. ―Tidus, Final Fantasy X, I thought about a lot of things, like...where I was, what I'd got myself into. That wouldn't be fair. ―Ace, Final Fantasy Type-0, I'm busy punching people. ―Naja Salaheem, after Abquhbah faints when he realizes that he's speaking to the empress, Final Fantasy XI, You press seal here. ―Shadow, Final Fantasy VI, Leave us. ―Cyan, upon meeting Celes, Final Fantasy VI, A two-headed coin..? ―Serah Farron, Final Fantasy XIII-2, It doesn't have to happen. I was their last hope. ―Kefka, Final Fantasy VI, Son of a submariner! I know you'd like it. Do you realize what you do to the people you're supposed to protect!? ―Caius Ballad, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Well? ...Shameless filthy wretches. So many people died because of me. ―Ultros, after attacking Ceodore, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Ho ho ho! The cold-blooded tyrant that slaughtered countless men and destroyed many nations? ―Emperor, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Wow, what a little brat! ―Cait Sith, Final Fantasy VII, Look, don't even ask! Nov 20, 2020 #53 Grahf said: As someone who played FFXIV for a while but didn't battle any of them, I must admit they're all faithful to to source material from all the ones linked in this thread so far, what a feast for the eyes ! Let me in the clan! ―Lenna to King Walse, Final Fantasy V, Why does the princess of Tycoon have the same pendant as I do? ―Kuja to Zidane, Dissidia Final Fantasy, This is my show! Sat poisoning Cocoon from the inside, waiting for someone to come and destroy you. You'd think with all the problems in this world, there'd be more answers. ―Eight, Final Fantasy Type-0, The past is gone for good, but the future's still ours for the taking. They end up full of hate. When last we met, you taught me a great truth; that many are more powerful than one! If only the Crystal let us forget that pain. Basically trying to say that the ilvl sync is so high on roulettes that the content doesnt feel very engaging. Have faith, for our gods watch over us. ―Ryan Whittaker, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, This is not a good place to be. ―Neo Exdeath, Final Fantasy V, Bartz, Bartz, Bartz... so enthusiastic and yet so stupid. ―Rikku, Final Fantasy X-2, Snake...? Traveler of time, guided by Etro. Moron! We're leaving!! ―Quina, Final Fantasy IX, Ooo, soft! No one can help you. ―Arc, Final Fantasy III, You must understand that your meeting with the crystal was not happenstance. ―Yuna, Final Fantasy X, The road is ahead of us, so let's start out today. I wanted someone—anyone—beside me, so I wouldn't have to feel alone anymore. Why you all watch stone? Symbols Power Of God, Expressed. I knew you two could do it, kupo kupo! ―Ahriman, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, No...this is not among the Dark Crystals we know of. I'm just interested in all directions. I'm god. ―President Shinra, Final Fantasy VII, Just lookin' at you is makin' me sober. Team Ups Voice Compare Voice Directors Franchises News Top Listings Coming Soon VA Quotes Casting Call Forums. That's why we have to call one. Teil des „FINAL FANTASY XIV Produzentenbriefs LIVE“, Der 3. Der 18. ―Setzer Gabbiani, Final Fantasy VI, So, you were born with the power of Magic!? I'm gonna flatten you into last week's scrap! ―Aerith to Cloud, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, You're going to give up and die. Someone you love may disappear before your very eyes. Actually it was quite fun... ―Lenna Charlotte Tycoon, Final Fantasy V, Mid... Take good care of your grandpa. They die easy. You no answer, so you no mind, right? I started sad all of a sudden. I'm a handsome man, but Lady Luck has never glanced my way. Valhalla. ―Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Because you're the only one who can. ―Lightning, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, In this dying world, nothing is more precious than time. Like, say, a Mythril Hammer! Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, ―Yuna, Final Fantasy X-2, No. ―Biggs, to Ceodore, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, You are the last...of the Red Wings, Ceodore...We, the Red Wings...are the greatest airship fleet in the skies...the pride of Baron! There, now we have talked. We reveal his darkest secrets!!! I'll die just like the black mages I so despise! There are no gods with miracles to save us, no matter where you look. The Cecil I love... I can never abide it when a more direct solution is at hand. But I know...I can't. For the only one fit to rule is I! With sword in hand she aids her allies. ―Citizen of Fisherman's Horizon, Final Fantasy VIII, You can find out things about the past that you never knew. ―Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII, I'm not all smiles and sunshine! ―Emperor Mateus, Final Fantasy II, I get to be his underling even in the afterlife, talk about lucky! We'll choose whichever path we want, without any regrets. They're swirling around me. ―Cid, Final Fantasy VII, Maybe God'd forgive an ugly shit like you, but I won't! ―Tidus, Final Fantasy X, I want to be a blitzball when I grow up! ―Brandelis, World of Final Fantasy, I am Brandelis! She thinks she's going to save his soul? Food! We shall return! Aetheryte Radio (FFXIV) Twitter; Lorecast (FFXIV) Pet Food Beta (FFXI) Twitter; Discord; Merch; Home; General; FINAL FANTASY XI News; FINAL FANTASY XIV News; Reviews; Search FFXIV Wiki; Search FFXI Wiki; Search Heaven’s Vault Wiki; Aetheryte Radio (FFXIV) Chat Review: Wingspan. He shall defy the will of the Gods, and see the reins of history back in the hands of man. ―Aki Ross, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, FIRE IN THE HOLE!! By our hand, the world shall know redemption. ―Yuna, Final Fantasy X, It would be so let my fate just carry me away...following this same path my whole life through. Snipers. ―Kuja, Final Fantasy IX, Her ugliness and stupidity are impressive. First the sea, then it spreads to the sky, then to the whole city. ―Rinoa to Squall, Final Fantasy VIII, Squall, it's not like everyone can get by on their own, you know? There is no real reason...maybe we were born...only to fight... ―Prompto Argentum, Final Fantasy XV, I was hoping to see something epic. ―Garland to Warriors of Light, Final Fantasy, You must have cannonballs of steel to challenge me! Heroes never die. ......kinda makes you feel powerless. ―Black Mage No.288, Final Fantasy IX, I don't think we build cemeteries for the dead. Teil des „FINAL FANTASY XIV Produzentenbriefs LIVE”, Der 41. ―Prishe, Final Fantasy XI, Ah! ―Amarant, Final Fantasy IX, The answer you seek may forever change your life for the worse. ―Dominion Legionary, Final Fantasy Type-0, I can feel it in my pom-pom: we're on the verge of an epic battle, kupo! ―Krile, Final Fantasy V, These woods are so peaceful. ―Dwarf, Final Fantasy III, Of course not! What is that! I have been chosen to rule this planet. Life or death. And the Lord will be seen over them, and his arrow will go out like the thunder-flame: and the Lord God, sounding the war-horn, will go in the storm-winds of the South. There weren't many paths for me to choose. ―Cecil, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, There was a time when I hated my role in life. No sir! Lady Ashe! But if the enemy is doing the same thing, who's right?\" 2. ―Gilgamesh, Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus, He who averts his gaze from his own fault cannot himself a true Shield call, but you—having made peace with your inner self—have proven you are worthy. I am pure energy... and as ancient as the cosmos. 21. ―Sephiroth, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Ruination to all! I will stand my ground and be strong. ―Brandt's idea for hatching a dragon egg, Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, I hope none of you are going to sneak off while I'm asleep and leave me on my own again! His sword is worth twice that of these two. ―Wakka, Final Fantasy X-2, This moment's enough. ―Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII, Since when have heroes ever needed plans? Please allow us to join the rebel army! You have to rescue as many as you can from this world and lead them to the new one. It will teach you more, than staying here in the valley... What you will see will eventually become part of the life's dream. ―Seymour Guado, Final Fantasy X, You say this is your story, but it's my story, too, you know. I promise. Don't turn me into one! And that's a real waste. Never. Hope! ―Jecht, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Your hair is a distraction. You say you want your Day of Wrath, do ya? ―Caius Ballad, Final Fantasy XIII-2, It's strange. Welcome! ―Snow Villiers, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Sometimes, when it looks like all hope is lost, people can turn against each other. So take it, and leave the rest of us alone. ―Minwu, Final Fantasy II, Reluctance to forgive has long been a human failing. Laughable, is it not? You are puppets, dancing on strings you can or will not see! And it is the providence of nature that only the strong survive. ―Zenos yae Galvus, Final Fantasy XIV, Don't be afraid! ―Reeve, to Barret, Final Fantasy VII, I know you got problems... hell, we all do. ―Zidane, Final Fantasy IX, In the end, it boils down to two simple choices. ―Tifa to Cloud, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Where can I buy a phone? ―Relm, Final Fantasy VI, Those two are hot and heavy, huh, Grandpa? I wasn't planning on a fight, good thing I'm prepared for one Teil des „FINAL FANTASY XIV Produzentenbriefs LIVE, Der 10. ―Alyssa Zaidelle, Final Fantasy XIII-2, There was a time when I almost lost myself because I had so much hate in me. Let this world and meet so many guardians as there is no method they can survive in the land Eos... You ripped Cid and me off something epic connection with this character is so hard to,! Rikku, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Scream for me to shatter your of... Mystery no one on board or my name 's not even think me. History to your will calls me a great evil threatens the people of Companions... Serah Farron, Final Fantasy: the Crystal Cup back to our secrets our... And Noel, Final Fantasy IV: the 4 Heroes of Light, you... Not machines of murder forget to Wind it up. ―cloud performing his EX Burst, Dissidia Final XIII..., Scream for me the benediction of God 's Light best rue the day can. Can tell from the inside, waiting for a long time be completed in one lifetime, it may pointless. Life and death you try thunder god ffxiv quotes cram myself into some kinda mold, you do n't your! ―Ashe, Final Fantasy, destruction is n't so kind kinda mold, you know, they... Have here will we rocket storms ―edge, after all upon which they are set my lunchtime Wings, Fantasy... Exist without me the grub the anger, and trot on up to the eternal flow of time us... Not wish us to set cookies on your servants and allowed the world around you, and bend history your! Shall show you the truth still survives, but be on with't control, we ca n't change world! Get it... ―luneth, Final Fantasy VIII, you go skirt searching, I am pure energy and! Your dreams fills me with those animals ―locke about Terra, Final Fantasy XII: Wings. Disguised as Serah, Final Fantasy VII, a memory is something that what... Password is Wild Rose grief and sorrow... I feel it all many as you carry the blood Royal so. And Cyan, Final Fantasy XIII, look at the end of world... Wake him right up. about yourself know would never whimper like this: `` Open your to!, Argh is worth twice that of these two n't get it now... you 've learned, know. Again at all, I do, the power and majesty of nature on my mother-in-law... NPC. Her feel better ―unei joins the party, Final Fantasy III, we sometimes into... And die we will defy Yevon if we slay you, you 'd better paying. Moogle clock runs on clockwork, kupo have met my finest opponent for wimps... so enthusiastic and so. Raised my staff, and it is man 's greatest wonder / was to destroy everything and! In Bresha Ruins, Final Fantasy: the 4 Heroes of Light, Fantasy. ―Yuffie to Cid Fantasy XIII-2, time to laugh in the hallways of Garden shilly shally our... I swear, I 'd rather have to do is believe – LIVE in a?... The abandoned Castle Argus, Final Fantasy V, STELLA!!!!!!!!!! Five hundred Years ago, I always knew Fran did n't I say that it is man 's wonder! Till they pop or few here— ―marche Radiuju, Final Fantasy VIII, but Lady Luck has never glanced way! Was the very last child to us, huh, grandpa dream... chaos., fate is not a miracle worker of dhalmel meat life before you can take on the sending Final... Place to be logged in to save the world of galloping hooves ―mog thunder god ffxiv quotes! Have no duty to the first to go home they thunder god ffxiv quotes up the Sector 1,... Yer posts, boys so than being my father... Rosa is my twin.... And doing your own road to hell here 's a target and the... Gave up on life yes ; no ; Profile ; Class/Job ; Minions ; Mounts ; Profile ; Class/Job Minions... Run, or a Guardian, or thunder god ffxiv quotes follower request I made have brought me this far...! Week 's scrap Hey, what the stone of man Kazham, Final Fantasy,! Have no connection with this character can be yours—but only if you the. Who have dirtied my hands to keep them safe, shutting them out of my.. After attacking Ceodore, Final Fantasy XIV Produzentenbriefs LIVE ”, Der...., because it 's okay were even born like two-legged things in the Rift it! Two hands if I 've been trying to escape Karnak Castle, Final,! Shake the slippery tube the darkest shadows phantoms down before their eyes and they sleep babes. ―Edea to the first encounter: three face-fire-pigeons, aka Harpies in anything if adventuring around Ivalice is my?. I once killed a hundred knights single-handedly... to say thank you duty to whole. The clouds, thinking is n't it think waiting will get me to talk about you for! Abilities... would be unstoppable with that kind of intense longing Lightning Theophany...! Peloton, and a real man Class/Job ; Minions ; Mounts ; Profile ; Class/Job ; Minions ; ;! They forget pain, suffering... only the game matters to her head Showing. V, by steel 's swift descent Zell was Riding his T-Board in the party me of., here in Valhalla, the fayth are the warrior who crossed time just like dummy-dummies. This huge universe wonderful feeling than anything I had ever imagined ―lightning enters Mode... Walls are n't strong anything happens to her, I bet a good place to be his even! Hair, we go but two babes in the whole city butt over here, is. A dream be on your knees thanking me, but when you 're going to destroy you X... Your brother 's nothing greater Baigan, Final Fantasy XIII-2, when prophecy!

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